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Online Consultation
Holistic Pet Health Coaching
by Dr. Faris

Holistic Pet Health Coaching Online by Dr. Faris is now available with our Online Consultation service. If you are a pet guardian seeking holistic veterinary options, this service is for you. The online consultation service provided by allows you to make an appointment with Dr. Faris easily and quickly. She is a qualified holistic veterinarian trained in both conventional veterinary medicine and multiple holistic therapies like homeopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

Online Consultation is the perfect way to learn how to take care of your pet using healthy, natural foods and medicines. It can be confusing to try to research natural medicine on your own. If you are someone who would appreciate the expert advice of a Holistic Veterinarian as you transition your pet to more holistic management, this service is just what you've been looking for. 

What are the benefits of Online Consultation?

  • Second Opinion and Case Evaluation from the convenience of your home 
  • High quality professional holistic veterinary advice and care
  • Individualized treatment plans with goals to cure your pet's medical problems
  • Access to holistic veterinary advice and Pet Health Coaching for diet changes
  • Access to recommendations for Holistic treatment options including prescriptions for homeopathic medicines, herbal medicines and nutritional supplements
  • Natural diet recommendations and coaching
  • Affordable prices for an invaluable veterinary service

By using fresh foods for nutrition, herbs and homeopathic remedies for medication, and natural alternatives to drugs and medications many animals can recover from chronic disease and go on to live healthy lives

Dr. Faris provides Online Health Coaching and Advice for healthy pets too. Learn to avoid medicines and preventive treatments that will make your pet sick.

How does Online Consultation work?

Our service is very easy to use. You simply fill out a New Client Registration Form and submit it. Subsequently, you will be contacted by to make an appointment. We use a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol like MagicJack, Skype, or FaceTime that allows us to speak to each other over the Internet. It can be used with or without a webcam and there are no long-distance phone charges. Payment can be made to with credit cards or PayPal.