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Sarah was just a puppy when I started treating her for severe hip dysplasia and pain in her hind legs. Her owner, Amanda, was an employee of mine at the time. She had enrolled Sarah in obedience classes and was having trouble with the command "sit." If the trainer or Amanda tried to force Sarah to obey, she would try to bite! <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">

Amanda and Ryan (Sarah's other caregiver) agreed to let me do a procedure where I implanted gold beads in an acupuncture point in Sarah's hind feet. The results were incredible. Sarah was only one year old at the time of the procedure. As of August 2013 she is a normal, active 13-year-old dog who is not on pain medication.


Early in my holistic training I attended a workshop in Florida with Dr. Are Thoreson, a renowned acupuncturist from Norway. Dr. Thoreson is well known for his skill in determining the "best" acupuncture point for treating specific diseases. During his study he found a specific point on the rear foot which reduced or resolved the pain experienced by dogs with hip dysplasia. He developed a simple implantation technique using gold beads placed in an acupuncture point through a large bore hypodermic needle that resulted in long-term relief for dogs with this condition.


At the workshop this procedure really caught my attention. The effect of acupuncture treatments wears off after a few days or weeks making chronic pain very difficult to manage and treat effectively. Severe cases of hip dysplasia, like what Sarah suffered from, often results in total hip replacement surgery or even euthanasia due to chronic pain and debilitation. The gold bead implant is a permanent acupuncture treatment and the effects last for the rest of the animal's life. In my practice, implanting gold beads has changed the course of many painful degenerative conditions and even congenital malformations by changing the energetics in the meridians forever.


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